Your Questions About Getting Back In Shape After Surgery

David asks…

Getting back into shape after surgery?

Hey, i recently had knee surgery.. the end of September, and it's had me pretty much immobile for 6 weeks. Which is a long time if you're as into sports as i am! Anyways i lost a LOT of muscle, especially in my legs, but i also lost tone in my stomach. I've always been relatively slim, i have a little extra in the thighs and stomach though. Anyways, i was wondering if anyone had any inner thigh excersises, and some good stomach excersises. And maybe some low impact cardio.. i still can't jump or jog or anything like that, but if you had any other ideas that would be great! Thanks so much!

lisa answers:

I sa the best way to get stomach muscle is to do cur ups and push ups now pus ups will help you for as and stomach and pull ups

Chris asks…

How can I get back in shape after a surgery?

I'm 15, I already had 2 hernia surgeries. I gained about 20 pounds with those two surgeries.

You would think 20 pounds is a bit too much, it's because the doctor said I had to stop all active activities, so no baseball, hockey, or any kinds of sports or workouts. It was 6 months since I even was able to play baseball again. Oh wow, I have no strenght left in me:S. How can I get back in shape?

lisa answers:

Exercise everyday like do push ups and sit ups and go for walks it gets you alot of strenght but u got to do it daily

Michael asks…

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get my knee and muscles back into shape after ACL surgery?

I just had ACL reconstruction surgery and i'm freaking out a little because my smart self decided i could rehab. my leg on my own and it got in the way of work so i stopped my physical therapy (i'm a physical therapy session drop-out). Now i'm going nuts because everywhere i look on the internet the people's comments all say they never went back to 100% mobility with their knee, and sometimes it was worse because they did nothing afterward. i don't even know where to start with exercises and i'm craving cardio and i don't have a bike, which is what the woman had me use in p.t.. So i guess i also wanna know if anyone knows of some type of cardio that i could do also. All in all can anyone help me with this?

lisa answers:

Go back to physical therapy! If you had to have surgery, you would make time for that. If you were sick, you would take time off work for that. You need to make time for physical therapy. If the clinic was not open convenient times, then try another clinic. A lot of them are open early, late, or on Saturdays to accommodate the average working adult.

I am not just saying this because I am a PT. Rehabilitation post surgery for an ACL reconstruction is very structured and there are certain exercises that will damage your ACL to the point where you will need the surgery redone. If you do not gain your full ROM you may need to have surgery again as well. Have I scared you enough to go back to PT yet?

By the way, the majority of medical information on the web is inaccurate, so be careful where you get your information. I have had many ACL patients recover full ROM, strength, and resume their normal activity level (it does take 6 months to a year). But these patients participated fully with PT, were compliant with their home exercises, and worked hard to return to their prior level of function.

So, unfortunately, I am not going to give you exercises to do, because I do not know how many weeks it has been since your surgery and I do not know your current status. However, if you insist on not returning to PT, I recommend going online and searching for "ACL protocol" and find a site that looks reputable (an orthopedic surgeon or PT site) that has a week by week protocol of safe and appropriate exercises. Make sure that the protocol is appropriate for YOUR surgery (hamstring autograft, patella tendon autograft, allograft, etc).

Good luck, and I hope your recovery goes well.

Daniel asks…

Get back in shape after ankle tendon surgery?

I may be needing tendon surgery to stretch it out (in my ankles the one connected to your heel) I play soccer have, flat feet, and have sprained my right ankle 3 times and my left one once. I'm not in very good shape as it is now though. The recovery time will be I think about 6 weeks. What would be the best way to bet back into shape and get better endurance and stamina? Sorry fir my horrible grammer and spelling I know it bugs people but I somewhat tries ;)

Thanks in advance :)

lisa answers:

You continually sprain your ankle because of your flat feet. As a consequence of your condition, your tendon twists as you walk. Correcting your feet would solve your problem and spare you from many more as you get older. I've successfully helped many do this; it involves the consistent practice of several exercises. If you wish to learn more, email me,

Thomas asks…

How can you get your breats back in shape after child birth? aside plastic surgery?

lisa answers:

Healthy eating and excersice

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